#palazzogre PalazzoGre represents a mew addition to the urban tissue: with its uniquearchitecture it incarnates the concept of continuity in tradition, declaring itsbelonging to the future with its dynamic and contemporary aesthetics.PalazzoGre is an urban regeneration project, consistent with AbitareIn’s philosophy.Its architecture perfectly integrates into the surrounding context, giving a new leaseof life to a void, irregular space, turning it into a pleasant and welcoming place.(©AbitareIn) Place:Milan Type:Residential Client:AbitareIn Year:ongoing Surface in sqm:4.000


#portosalvoliving The prime location of Portosalvo Living is a key factor in the choice of a house where to live a full and rewarding life. Every apartment offers a dream living experience, with balconies and terraces offering unique views of one of the most celebrated and spectacular natural sceneries in the world: the gulf of Naples, with the Vesuvius in the background and the busy harbour with boats coming and going and the ferries connecting the city with Ischia, Capri, Procida, Sorrento and all the other dream destinations of the Neapolitan coast. Place:Naples Type:Residential Client:   Year: Surface in sqm: 


#seaviewliving Marina di Olbia is a modern sea port, opened in may 2009, nested in the naturalgulf of Olbia, in the North Eastern part of Sardinia.It is open all year round and offers 270 berths in addition to avant-garde facilities toease docking. It is also one of the safest ports in the Mediterranean, a shelteredhaven in any weather condition. Rethink Energy managed the execution of the project and the works direction forthe mechanical and electrical installations of the two new luxury residential siteswith 40 apartments overlooking the harbour. Place:Olbia Type:Residential Client:Immobiliareuropea Year: Surface in sqm:4.000


#extracomfort The building, located in a densely urbanised area between Viale Monza andBicocca, will consist in a 14-storey tower and lower, 4-storey body, for a total 66residential units, all with very high performance, functional and aesthetic standards.Two elements characterise this project, capable of bringing added comfort to theresidents of Viale Corsini 42: the see-through concept of the ground floor allowingfor full views on the public gardens, and the loggias and the vertical facade railingsto create ample living terraces.Rethink Energy managed the execution of the project and the works direction forthe mechanical, electrical, power (solar thermal and photovoltaic) and specialinstallations. Place:Milan Type:Residential Client:Investire Sgr Year: Surface in sqm:6.300


#viacrivelli Execution planning and works direction of the mechanical, electrical and specialsystems of a new 5.000 sqm residential building in via Crivelli, Milan.Rethink Energy was in charge of the preliminary and final project of themechanical, electrical and special installations, making use of heat-pumptechnology, also taking responsibility for the works direction. Place:Milan Type:Residential Client:Bluestone Year:2016-2022 Surface in sqm:5.000


#viagovone Design and works direction of the mechanical, electrical and special systems of anew 5.000 sqm residential building in via Govone 66, Milan.Rethink Energy was in charge of the preliminary and final project of themechanical, electrical and special installations, making use of heat-pumptechnology, also taking responsibility for the works direction. Place:Milan Type:Residential Client:Alpina costruzioni Year: Surface in sqm:5.000



#natureintown Standing at n°5 via Verona in Milan’s Porta Romana district, where the old ATMpublic transport terminal was once located, this residential complex offers 59 classA units, with a 3000 sqm internal courtyard turned into a public garden.Urban Garden was conceived as a modern city oasis protected by the surroundingbuildings, with all the apartments overlooking the internal gardens and benefittingfrom their soothing, spectacular views.The landscaping of the project was based on the the introduction of an “urban”dimension into the concept of a city park.Rethink Energy was in charge of the excecutive management of the project and theworks direction of the mechanical, electrical and special systems using heat pumptechnology. Place:Milan Type:Residential Client:Bluestone Year:2016-2023 Surface in sqm:5.000



#contemporaryliving Orti Nuovi is a luxury residence born out of the rehabilitation of a listed buildings’complex in the heart of Bergamo’s old town (a degraded private area formerly theproperty of the Canossians religious order), dating back to the gothic period.The renovation works enhanced the architectural peculiarities of the site, like the18th Century villa, while adding more contemporary-looking buildings to convey asense of opening to change and to the future.Orti Nuovi offers residential units catering to the new needs of modern living,providing for a luxury lifestyle and ensuring top energy and building standards. Thecomplex also offers ample outdoor areas, secluded loggias and plenty of greenspaces.Rethink Energy was in charge of the executive project management of themechanical, electrical and special installations, all with heat pump and tele heatingtechnology. Place:Bergamo Type:Residential Client:Supernova Year:2022-ongoing Surface in sqm:9.000


#cityliferesidences The libeskind residences are part of a multifunctional complex created by Polish architect Daniel Libeskind as part of the Citylife project, an avant-garde project that changed the face of Milan. It combines luxury with environmental consciousness and represents a major restoration project at European level.   The project encompasses the creation of sustainable residential units which are perfectly integrated in the surrounding green spaces. They are characterised by curved lines that follow sunlight and by the the presence of abundant trees and bushes on the very balconies, forming a vertical wood.   A truly avant-garde project that looks at the future and makes the best use of the most advanced technology while keeping in touch with the essence of mankind and its being part of nature.   Rethink Energy was in charge of the works direction for the mechanical, energy, electric and special systems based on heat pump and teleheating technology. Place:Milan Type:Residential Client:Citylife Year:2020-2023 Surface in sqm:14.500


#luxuryliving Milan’s elegance has a new name: Palazzo Magenta, a building under complete renovation, in which class and refinement are the expression of a new lifestyle. Located in one of Milan’s most culturally, and historically, relevant areas, it has the incomparable flair of the neoclassic style brought back to its original glory thanks to innovative techniques and obsessive attention to every minute detail. Palazzo Magenta tells a story, and represents History as the expression of timeless elegance and refinement. It goes beyond facade elegance as, just past the front gate, one enters a refined courtyard overlooked by the spacious loggias of the apartments. A bright, open and modern space that blends harmoniously with the neoclassic aesthetics of the buildings. This part of town is home to some of the world’s most important cultural venues, in a street that lies at the heart of a city with two souls: on one hand it is the quintessential expression of Art, with its museums, its churches, the prestigious period buildings, and the ancient Roman remnants; on the other hand is tells the story of Milan’s liveliness, with its bistros, its historic businesses and shops that still maintain their true Milanese nature. A timeless charm that fascinates and ravishes its visitors. Place:Milan Type:Residential Client:Investire Immobiliare Sgr Year:2022-ongoing Surface in sqm:4.000