Geothermal green data center

#zeroemissions The town of Pomarance, in the province of Pisa, will host the first Green DataCenter made up of around 3.000 data servers with total “CO2=zero” impact. A worldpremiere.The Green Data Center will be located in Larderello, South_east of Pisa, an areaknown for its geothermal activity and already home od the oldest geothermal plantin the […]

Submersion cooling data center

#greenrevolution EU’s Joint Research Center (JRC) in Ispra, Northern Italy, is the third largest site ofthe European Commission, after Brussels and Luxembourg. Founded in 1960 as a nuclear research center, today it is considered as a leading research campus inEurope, with unique facilities and laboratories.The JRC has a submersion cooling data center with a maximum […]