Rethink Energy

Submersion cooling data center


EU’s Joint Research Center (JRC) in Ispra, Northern Italy, is the third largest site of
the European Commission, after Brussels and Luxembourg. Founded in 1960 as a

nuclear research center, today it is considered as a leading research campus in
Europe, with unique facilities and laboratories.
The JRC has a submersion cooling data center with a maximum power of 1 MW, a
new paradigm in the field. Compared to traditional cooling methods, which imply
considerable costs in terms of energy, water and space, submersion cooling can
best address performance needs while significantly limiting the impact on the
The system designed by Rethink Energy uses geothermal energy with a
groundwater circuit and one using water from the nearby lake. The energy
dissipated is used to heat a 12.000 sqm office building.
This project represents a true environmental revolution in the field of data centres.
Rethink Energy designed the mechanical, power, electrical and special installations
as well as being in charge of the MEP project management and works direction.
The mix of solutions deployed include heart pumps, geothermal systems, lake
water, heat recovery and submersion cooling.


Type:                                                                   CED industrial- infrastructure


JRC – Joint European Research Center / Unione Europea



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