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Antares Sardinia


There are places that invite you to let yourself live. Places where space and time seem above the everyday world and allow you to embrace the present.


Antarès is such a place.


All along the Costa Smeralda, between the coastal towns of Porto Rotondo and Golfo Aranci, the domain opens onto the Tyrrhenian Sea. Looking over the crystal-clear water, revealing seabeds that resemble watercolors, the local vegetation dances to the rhythm of the breeze. This sanctuary – accessible in 15 minutes from Olbia airport – is designed for reflection from dawn to dusk. Vibrant with ancient energy, the Costa Smeralda is also home to a great lifestyle, as witnessed by the Bronze Age archaeological treasures to be found in the region.


Antares Sardinia brings a rare feeling of peace through its very architecture. Part of the artistic theme behind its design, this quest for harmony leads to a gentleness being brought to every interaction within these walls. The positioning of buildings within the environment results in a perfect balance thanks to a mineral, linear design that enhances nature’s nuances. The local stone chosen to clad the villas respects the color scheme of the landscape and invites the sun to shine in but without storing up its heat: another successful encounter between architecture and natural elements. All the roofs are planted to fine-tune this peaceful dialogue, while the perfect horizontality of the villas blends seamlessly with the landscape.


Here, there is nothing but unprecedented tranquility.


Hotel-luxury residences

Vallat Group
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