Rethink Energy



The new VP 22 office complex, located at n.22 Via Vittor Pisani in Milan’s Central
Station district, is a building designed to make the work experience light and easy,
with people’s well-being at the heart of its architectural concept.
The building is characterised by an internal forest, “the hidden woods”, a small,
green lung visible from all work stations and where to relax and keep in touch with
nature. The forest goes on up to the rooftop terrace of the building.
Other features make this building stand out in Milan’s skyline, such as the added
volume above the great terrace on the 8th floor, completely transparent and with
360° views of the city, and the ceramic facade with an invisible finishing based on
titanium dioxide water that can purify the air from the majority of pollutants.
Rethink Energy provided technical support to the General Constructor and compiled
the technical documentation in compliance with Italy’s 10/91 regulation, as well as
writing up the power report of the project containing all the calculations and the
testing relating to the building’s installations in order to ascertain its compliance with
all regulations for the reduction of buildings’, and installations thereof, energy



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