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Milan’s elegance has a new name: Palazzo Magenta, a building under complete renovation, in which class and refinement are the expression of a new lifestyle. Located in one of Milan’s most culturally, and historically, relevant areas, it has the incomparable flair of the neoclassic style brought back to its original glory thanks to innovative techniques and obsessive attention to every minute detail. Palazzo Magenta tells a story, and represents History as the expression of timeless elegance and refinement. It goes beyond facade elegance as, just past the front gate, one enters a refined courtyard overlooked by the spacious loggias of the apartments. A bright, open and modern space that blends harmoniously with the neoclassic aesthetics of the buildings. This part of town is home to some of the world’s most important cultural venues, in a street that lies at the heart of a city with two souls: on one hand it is the quintessential expression of Art, with its museums, its churches, the prestigious period buildings, and the ancient Roman remnants; on the other hand is tells the story of Milan’s liveliness, with its bistros, its historic businesses and shops that still maintain their true Milanese nature. A timeless charm that fascinates and ravishes its visitors.



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